Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun Beach Homes

One of my favorite things to do in California is to walk the charming streets of Corona del Mar, Newport and Laguna beach.  
My husband calls me the peeping-tom, because at night I love to walk streets and look in each home to see how they have decorated.  Half the fun is seeing how embarrassed my husband gets while I drag him around. 

We eat at our favorite restaurant "Five Crowns" for dinner and then after stuffing ourselves we take our "peeping tom" walk.  To create a better view, here are some pics of homes in Corona del Mar during the day:

Charming french inspired home.  I love how the neighborhood has a mix of old world and cape cod charm.

Charming cape cod home... I swoon over eyebrow windows.

I find this home so fascinating!  I have been watching this home go up for years, I still believe they are finishing... what a project!

Sorry for the terrible picture, but I had to add this beautiful colonial style home.

Here are some fun homes in Balboa:

French quarter style home.  This home in person is magical!

Here are two different angles of my favorite home in California.  The slate roof added so much texture and dimension and to top it off, this boat was in front of the home:

... I almost went up to the front door and asked if I could move in

That stucco with the steel windows is so elegant and timeless.

I love this beautiful home, look at the sweet couple in the front maintaining their yard.

Another gorgeous colonial style home.

... no details are missed

Have a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


There is a store in Corona del Mar called Bliss linens.  Here you will find some of the most incredible antiques brought in from France, Italy and Sweden.

This French patina clock was one of my favorites, but is sold for $7,500... Ouch!

Gorgeous French antique mirror, if I remember right is around $15,000.

I would take that mirror any day... too bad I don't have $45,000 on hand. 

I will post some fun beach homes tomorrow! 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Favorite Store!

We just arrived home from our California trip.  While we were there, my husband and I had to visit our favorite store Juxtaposition.  Here you will find so many timeless pieces that reflect the British, Belgium, French and Colonial styles.

Black and white is so in!!  It's always important to have at least one black piece of furniture... it grounds the room.

All the pillows are to die for!  If you want one, make sure you have $700.00 in your budget.  Most of their pillows are made out of vintage elements.

My husband loves this store because of the industrial feel.  How often do us women find stores that our husband's enjoy?  VERY RARE!

 ... love the enlarged document!

... oops, my husband's arm.  I can't take pictures!

... my favorite couch in the whole store... I want it!

I'll take the clock and the bed please...

My poor son who sits while mom shops... thank goodness for the iPhone.

... then I get stuck at Disneyland for ten hours

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maisons Cote Sud

I was flipping through the French magazine Maison Cote Sud and I came across some gorgeous pictures of homes/rooms in Provence.  As you all know, this magazine has been around for twelve years and pays tribute to the Mediterranean and Provence region.  It has been said that the contributors are among the most important photographers and interior designers around.
My husband was laughing and shaking his head while he watched me sigh and giggle at every picture.  He said, "You're obsessed..." I absolutely agree!

via Cote Sud
What a gorgeous door; I'm curious if that is Bouvet hardware?

via Cote Sud

via Cote Sud

via Cote Sud
Can I just live here forever?!  The pale matt tones of the Provencial/Gustavian elements create the most perfect and restful mood.  I love this room.

One word of advice... If it's in your budget, the smartest thing you can do is to invest in a French vintage chandelier.  Everyday it will bring you happiness and joy!

via Cote Sud
Eclectic but beautiful

via Cote Sud
So elegant and rich.  Those rich colors together are beautiful.

via Cote Sud
The perfect office space, and that table with those cabinets...

Via Cote Bastide

via Bout Du Monde

via Cote Sud

via Italian Living 
Have you noticed how the French are able to perfectly combine unexpected elements that create soothing and beautiful rooms?  It's the unexpected I like; they are true artisans.

via Cote Sud
Old planked floors combined with industrial shelving and Belgian linen...Sigh

via Cote Sud
Notice the funny sconce on the wall.  Someone thought..."That's cool, I'm going to make it work."
Job well done!

via Cote Sud

via Cote Sud
It looks like they pushed two bed's together.  The ceiling is amazing!

via Cote Sud

via Cote Sud
Loving the diamonds on the door, and that floor... incredible

via Cote Sud
I have a huge obsession right now with lanterns and vintage chandeliers!  Coupled, they create so much interest.

via Veranda magazine

via Cote Sud
I find this picture so beautiful and interesting...

via Cote Sud

via Cote Sud

via Cote Sud
The rock is the perfect back drop for the soft linen bed.  Are those barrels as bedside furniture pieces?  Once again... totally unexpected, but I love!

via Cote Sud

The editor in Chief of Cote Sud said, "'The good life' comes easy in Provence; it charms, captivates and inspires, not only by its traditions and culture but also by its rich colours and extraordinary quality of light.  We have discovered their interiors, beautifully restored, reinterpreted and imbued with new life. 
It is a region of diversity and surprises, enchanting in its simple, intimate charm."

I am leaving to Newport Beach, California and won't be blogging for a week.  I look forward to blogging about all of my favorite shops and homes.  Hope you come back next week and check it out!