Monday, May 24, 2010

Creative Rooms

I recently purchased the book The Home Within Us!  Not only are the pictures gorgeous, but the architect Bobby McAlpine explains perfectly the art of designing a beautiful home.  
He quotes, "What we crave in life is an outer beauty that reflects the gorgeous world inside us."  He goes on to explain that what we envision can become our reality, because we do have control over our own lives.  He quotes, "We do have the power to create our own environment--and our environment, in turn shapes us. 
Amen to that... he nailed it!! 

Here are some beautiful images created from the mind of Bobby McAlpine:

All images via "The Home Within Us"

 Bobby McApline says it perfectly:
"Where is the place that mirrors our hearts?  Where are we when we feel held and protected and whispered to?  Where does the content of our intimate exchanges ring most true?  By answering the questions of our hearts, the stronger among us become agents of change, making choices that advance the marriage of our interior and exterior lives."

Never be afraid to envision those things you love!
I hope you're all having a wonderful week!! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

French Country Details

These images visually reveal the magical world of Provence and its unique aesthetic that has evolved over thousands of years.  Each picture has so much charm and history.  These are images I could look at all day and never get bored.

via New French Country

I love the charm of this little flower shop!  

via New French Country

via New French Country

Widows and doors are painted beautiful soft blues and greens depicting nature!
That door with its large lock and key opening to that clock is so dreamy!

via Provence Style

 The perfect front door, and those lights create so much interest!

via Provence Style

Eye candy!  I want to eat it!

via New French Country

via Provence Style

via Provence Style

These images are where I got the idea to do the handrail in my home.

via New French Country

Look at this gorgeous handrail depicting sunflowers!  WOW... this picture makes me happy!!

via Provence Style

I love the pictures lining the wall next to the simple limestone stairs!

 Via New French Country

via New French Country

via Provence Style

... such a charming simple kitchen

via New French Country

I couldn't forget to mention the art and craft of Provencal soap!

I can never get enough of this region's beautiful, creative lifestyle.  For over two thousand years, local artisans and families worked hard to keep their authentic traditions alive.  Provence reflects such a unique way of life, one which I love dearly!

Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Perfect Bastide

I was flipping through a recent issue of Maisons Cote Sud and came across this gorgeous Bastide!
Everything about this charming home speaks to me... the gorgeous shutters, the cream rock, the chalky grays and white washes.  I could go on and on...
The aesthetics are so timeless and simple.  All I can say is, "I want to move in!!!"
I told my husband I want to move to the country and build this home to its exactness.  He just stared at me with BIG eyes thinking,
"Are you ok?"

... I could sit at that table all day

... loving the shower

... funny little sitting area

After looking at these pictures wouldn't you want to build a Bastide in the country?
I know... wishful thinking, but it's fun!  
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh, Fun and Timeless

  I love beautiful, fresh, clean, timeless, white kitchens!  
White is so versatile, not only does it make a space feel larger, it also makes other features be the star.
For those of you who love the white kitchen... here is a little inspiration for your day:








I had to add this image of these beautiful vintage glass bottles.
I love the way they're displayed with the fresh flowers!










.... so which kitchen best describes you?
I have to say I'm a little torn between 8, 6, and 5

Have a wonderful week!

All images are from Country Living