Monday, April 26, 2010


When I look at any picture that carries the French design aesthetic, the first word that comes to my mind is.... yummy!!
Looking at French decor is such a high!  There is so much detail to take in, and each piece has a story.
One women that is a true icon when it comes to what I think is "yummy" is Josephine Ryan.  She totally gets it!  Her passion is all about the French lifestyle.  She is all about the thrill of the find; her gift for discovering unique, one of a kind pieces and combining them unexpectedly is what makes her renowned throughout the world of interior design!  

via Essentially French

Loving the vintage mirrors above the chair!

via Essentially French

via Essentially French

Those teal chairs coupled with the galvanized steel door... yummy!
They both pop next to the limestone.

via Essentially French

I can't get over that light fixture... it ties all elements together!

via Essentially French

Must... have... that... chair.....

via Essentially French

via Essentially French

via Essentially French

Such a gorgeous armoire.

via Essentially French

This room with its rock wall and 18th-century fireplace still has warmth and is so serene.  

You will spend hours looking at all the images in Josephine Ryan's books.
Her books are so timeless and each time you look through them you'll find something new and interesting every time!

via Cote Bastide 

I had to add these gorgeous pictures from Cote Bastide.  Every picture on their website is breathtaking, timeless and earthy!

via Cote Bastide

via Cote Bastide

This company sells anything from fine linen table clothes to scented soaps, lotions and home decor.  The images on their website are breathtaking and visually describe French decor perfectly!!

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heaven in Laguna

One of my favorite places to visit when I'm in Southern Cali is this sweet little beachfront located off of Diamond Street.
I love walking past two particular homes located right on the beach.  The first home was once owned by Betty Davis, and the second home... well all I can say is he or she is one lucky home owner and you will see why:

Betty Davis' home on the right as you walk down to the beach.

My husband Matt and my little sweetie Sawyer.

I love the timeless tudor style.

If you look closely you can see a large "D" on the chimney.

This next home Is so simple in the front, but at the same time I couldn't help but be so drawn to it.  It's perfect in every way... who cares about the front when you get to walk down the side and see its true charm.

Look at that view....

Simple wood shakes with white trim and to top it off... slate!
It doesn't get better than that for the perfect beach home!

Notice the shower as you walk up the stairs...

This gorgeousness is steps away from the home!

My three boys enjoying the view!

It took me hours to get my kids off that beach!
Next time your in Laguna, check out the beach off Diamond street!  Trust me it's worth it!
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Want to see some fun beach homes?

I just returned home from Newport, California and wanted to share some fun architecture in this area.
Here are some homes in Corona del Mar:

My Dad would love this home!  My parents are obsessed with anything arts and crafts/bungalow style. Every piece of furniture they own is 'Stickley'... I can't blame them, it's beautiful furniture!

I had to add this charming home.  I couldn't get over the funny gnome hanging from the tree.

The curb appeal of this home is so charming with its fun shutters!

I had to end with my favorite home in this particular neighborhood.  Look at the beautiful reclaimed wood used for the garage doors, front door and beam structures!  
I drove past this home at night to get a peek of the inside through that beautiful French door and it was breathtaking!  This home is so dreamy!!

I will have some more fun pictures in a couple of days!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Incredible Architecture!

Several weeks ago while I was looking at Greet's beautiful blog Belgian Pearls, I came across one of her posts highlighting a beautiful home in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I was so taken by this home and was happy to see that Greet had done the work for us in finding out who this architect was.   The architect's name is Ruard Veltman.  Below you will see the beautiful architectural elements this man has created.  Thank you Greet for finding this incredible architect/website and enlightening us with new twists on European architecture!

These images show that old world/European design can be soft, soothing, earthy, clean and timeless!
I love  Ruard Veltman's take on European architecure... by far some of the best I have ever seen!
Thank you Greet for all your knowledge and inspiration when it comes to design and architecture!  Your blog is incredible!!