Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Of My Favorites...

I love to highlight some of my favorite blogs!  
Hello Lovely Inc is a treat on all levels!  Michelle's vision along with her incredible writing and sense of humor refreshes my day!  If you have not stopped by her blog... I highly recommend! 
 Michele is remodeling her basement and below are images she has archived for inspiration:

... Michele I LOVE your taste!  You're a true talent!  Love ya girl!


  1. Will definitely check her those images, especially the first with the pussywillows! I love the look of the painted white plank ceiling...I will be doing that in the kitchen of our new home soon.


  2. Lovely pictures, I'm off to check out her blog. Thank-you!! Leahxx

  3. Will head on to her blog...
    Yours is amazing too...
    I'm your new happy follower ♥

  4. So stunning! THANK YOU for introducing me - I am headed there now!

  5. Beautiful images and if her basement looks like any of these images she's a lucky woman. I'm off to check out her blog, thank you for introducing her to us.

  6. Desiree--girl, you made me blush!!

    thank you for honoring my blog this way and sending your sweet talented friends over to visit. of course you already know i've had a crush on decordeprovence for some time--the whole vibe always puts me at ease.

    love right back at ya, gorgeous.