Sunday, February 20, 2011

Phoebe Howard

One of my all-time favorite homes is the Something's Gotta Give beach house!  So if you're a fan like me -  you will love the designer Phoebe Howard!
Phoebe Howard is known for her fresh take on traditional style and her mantra is "keep it pretty."
Her blog is chock-full of information that will help you create that perfect space!

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend!


  1. Beautiful rooms, I love that movie and spent the entire time drooling over that house while I was watching it.

  2. Me too! Whenever it's on TV I click over just to see the house. It's the only movie that I ever watch over and over just because of the house. Movie is cute too but at this point it's the amazing house that makes me watch it again and again! Thanks for sharing the pics and designer info!

  3. hi, I think you may be mistaken about Phoebe Howard designing the house for Something's Gotta Give. Beth Rubino was the Set Decorator and Jon Hutman was the Production Designer. I have never heard Phoebe Howard's name mentioned in any way with this project.

  4. Lovely images and don't we all love that movie for the decor more than the actual story! ;-)

  5. Thank you so much Sally! I did get her mixed up with Beth Rubino! Phoebe is known for this particular style, not for designing the movie set.

  6. omg, Desiree. first, seeing these images makes me wanna blow up my staircase and replace it with one like this. second, i want to live in these pictures. thanks for introducing me to this incredible designer.